Nearly three years ago, during a good session on the rum, we...

August 08, 2017

Nearly three years ago, during a good session on the rum, we incorporated Fear and Loathing Clothing Limited. Neither of us had any idea how to run a clothing line. Garment specifications, suppliers, eCommerce, social media marketing and logistics - once unfamiliar, became second nature through hard work, grit and a determination to create.

The brand became a true labour of love. An outlet for us to make something tangible that we would actually use ourselves. The feeling of creating something from scratch, wearing it on your back and having people want to buy it is second to none.
But all good things come to an end. Jordan, myself and previously James have always had other full-time jobs. F&L needs, and deserves, full-time attention that we just can’t commit to anymore.
With that said, we’ve slashed all prices on the stock we have left in our warehouse. So grab that tee you’ve had your eye on before it’s, really, gone for good. Our web store will remain open for orders until 6th September 2017 and everything will be posted out as quickly as possible.

We thank each and everyone of you that bought a garment, subscribed to our mailing list, followed us on social media, helped us out along the way or simply showed an interest in what we were producing. Without you guys we couldn’t have released ~45 custom items over 7 collections during our time. Thank you for the opportunity.

It’s time to move on with no regrets - if you want to do something, you’ve gotta go out and do it. Don’t leave your ideas on the table. Fuck what if’s. Give it a go, see what happens and enjoy the trip. - F&L Co. 2014 - 2017