Meet Chester Rowles

August 12, 2015

Here at F&L we love to see to our clothing being worn by you guys. It makes us immensely proud to see you wearing our label to do the things you love. When we first created the brand we started looking for like-minded individuals who share our passion for pushing the boundaries. It didn’t take us long to find Chester Rowles...

Chester has been pushing the boundaries for a long time. He loves to ride, and we love to see the results. We recently hooked him up with our ‘Leap of Faith’ tee and he was kind enough to provide us with these amazing shots of him in action.

Seeing our Leap of Faith design go airborne was a proud moment for us. If you share the same principles and would like to work with us, contact

Check out Chester’s Instagram page here.

Photography by Jade Trollope
Instagram: @jayde_ebony_