Today I’ve been reflecting on the last 14 months and how far...

February 07, 2016

Today I’ve been reflecting on the last 14 months and how far we’ve come as a brand. None of us wold have ever anticipated how much we would have learned through lack of experience or making little mistakes which are now priceless to us.
We know as we continue to grow and explore uncharted territory for ourselves we’ll meet more challenges and make new mistakes but we welcome them with open arms, knowing that we’ll come out of the other end of it stronger, smarter and with the knowledge required to be successful.
We’re three friends that are running this business outside of our day jobs. We all work hard and we all make sacrifices In our privates lives to keep the brand running how it is. We don’t make those sacrifices and work that hard to make a holiday fund, we do it because we feel deeply proud of what we’ve created and achieved so far. It gives us a real buzz to see orders shipping our across the world from our little town in England where brands like ours aren’t usually born! It’s not the norm around here which make it so much more special to us.
The support and encouragement from friends, family, people who’ve bough from us and those who haven’t has been amazing and we can give thanks enough!

My message to you is to be brave, be ambitious and chase your dreams no matter where you’re from. But most importantly make sure you do it for the right reasons.
Enjoy the trip – F&L Co.