New BMX rep Chester Rowles!

April 20, 2015

We're always looking for up and coming talent and our newest brand rep is definitely just that! We recently caught up with Chester to ask him a few questions about his love for extreme sport, the F&L brand and more:

Name: Chester Rowles

Age: 22

Location: Newport, South Wales

How long have you been riding? 7 years 

How did you get into it? It all started with making little ramps in my street as a kid and seeing how far I could jump. Now its something of an addiction. Always wanting to go higher and faster. Pushing the boundires and my own personal limits. 

What are your inspirations? There was an old Levis BMX DVD, it was my first BMX video. There was a section with Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez. That video to me was everything I liked about BMX. So teenage me started trying to ride like the pros. 

What are your ambitions? I just want to be able to ride for as long as I can. Be it with pedals or an engine. 

Favourite F&L product? Its a split between the "Yay or Nay" tee and the "Deal with the devil" raglan.